Our Vision: To be the first brand that gives the best beam of well-packaged celebrity events on television; utilizing delightful visuals, imaginative graphics and illuminating scripts. 

Our Mission: To be everywhere there is grand celebration; using skills and tools, to capture motion pictures of great moments for the utmost delight of our clients and the maximum pleasure of the public

The Company:  Red Carpet Communications Limited is duly incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria as a limited liability company.  We are a multi media firm with a specialized skill in events packaging and reporting.  Our top brand is Red Carpet TV, a weekly celebrity event television programme that has been on air since Sunday May 3 2009. Essentially a social diary, Red Carpet TV is a marvelous file of glamorous events; incorporating sights and sounds of special celebrations. It is a stylish presentation of the glitz and the glamour concomitant with high profile events, highlighting great celebrities and celebrating gorgeous spectacles; all in a uniquely refreshing and fascinating style.  At Red Carpet TV, we have got the passion and extra ordinary determination to capture pictures of epic moments and creatively present breath taking clips for the consummate gladness of the viewing public. Our production crew comprises tested professionals with varying years of experience in diverse fields of journalism, cinematography and motion graphics.  

 The Team:

MD/Editor-in-Chief: Yemi Olowolabi, a professional journalist, has, over the years, plied his trade with grace and guts, careering between print and electronic journalism. A graduate of English from Ondo State University, Ado Ekiti, Olowolabi attended training in Advanced News Writing at the Times Journalism Institute, Lagos. He also attended World Bank Institute for a training on Media Mentoring and Monitoring. He joined TELL magazine in 1994 as a reporter and later rose to the position of a Senior Assistant Editor and Head of Features Desk. In August 2004, he was appointed Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Ondo State; a position he held for four years before returning to the newsroom. In April 2009, he founded Red Carpet Communications Limited, an independent television production firm; where, as executive producer, he combines lucid scripts with vivid visuals to create a world class celebrity events show on the tube. 
A versatile journalist with prodigious erudition, Olowolabi is a wordsmith with an inimitable and incisive style of writing that is ravishing, refreshing and ultimately entertaining. Either scripting for newspapers or television, he has carved a niche for himself as an urbane prose stylist with a passion of rhymes and poetic cadences. This he brings to bear in the polished presentation of captivating events, always ensuring that the programme is clearly ahead in terms of content, creativity and quality control.

Assistant Editor: Oluwaseyi Ogunmoyela graduated from the Federal Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo State in 2002 with a Higher National Diploma, HND, in Mass Communications. A self motivated and versatile professional, Seyi started her journalism career at the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA, Ibadan and Ondo State Radio Corporation, OSRC, Akure, where she did four months and one year industrial attachment respectively as part of the requirements for the award of Ordinary National Diploma, OND obtained from The Polytechnic, Ibadan in 1999. Notwithstanding the brevity of her stay in the two stations, she exhibited great passion for hard work and gratifying promises of an enduring romance with journalism. In April 2005, she joined Independent Television, ITV and Radio, Benin City, as a Reporter. She was later redeployed to Akure, Ondo State as Government House Correspondent. After five years of eventful sojourn in the bureau, she was brought back to the head office in Benin with a specific mandate to beef up the station’s reportorial beat. She voluntarily resigned from ITV in February 2011 after about six years of unblemished career in the Nigeria’s premier private TV before joining the Red Carpet crew.

Senior Media Executive: Ayodele Adegbehingbe, is a 2006 graduate of Mass Communication from Olabisi Onabanjo University Ago Iwoye. Ayo, as she is simply called, started her journalism career after obtaining a National Diploma in Journalism from the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Lagos in year 2000. She cut her teeth as a freelance reporter at the Ondo State Radio Vision Corporation, OSRC, Akure. But she was an unusual freelance reporter, who on account of punctuality and reliability got saddled with enormous responsibilities. Even when she enrolled for a degree course in Mass Communication; she did not call it quits with media practice. Rather, she shuttled between classroom and newsroom, acquiring knowledge and discharging her reportorial duties. In 2009, Ayo yielded to the lure of Lagos and gave up her provincial journalism engagement in Akure. However, for this journalist, finding a good platform to practice was initially difficult. She reluctantly forayed into Travels and Tours Sector as a Sales Executive with Mak Travels Agency Limited, Ikoyi, Lagos. Four months later, she resigned and joined the Red Carpet team.  


Media Executive: Remi Ajibade represents the synergy between creative energy and constructive strategy. In her daily drive through the market place, she endears herself to her clients with her graceful mien and gutsy method of sales canvass. A 2009-graduate of Geology from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Remi effortlessly switched from the from resource science to communications arts. Notwithstanding her background, she understands the intricacies of media and marketing with an athletic charisma. She also delivers adept prose with adequate ease. Stirred by a passion, sustained by conviction Remi is clearly set apart by extraordinary sophistication and marvelous human relations. Since she was signed on in Red Carpet, she has stunned all with validity of thoughts, vivacity of ideas and velocity of achievements.  
A dynamic personality with a profound vision, Remi works with the influence of courage and affluence of knowledge; drawing confidence from the company’s man power leverage and professional advantage.  

Media Executive: Seun Akinnawonu is an enterprising and goal-oriented reporter with an immeasurable passion for excellence. He graduated with a Higher National Diploma in Mass Communication from Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu. He joined Red Carpet Communications Limited in September 2009.Bold, courageous and assertive, Seun exhibits uncommon intelligence and ingenious attitude to event coverage even in a very challenging terrain; traversing venues with consuming fervour capturing precious motion pictures for posterity. Notwithstanding his diminutive stature, he has an imposing drive that sets him apart among his peers.


Media Executive, Wale Olayanju holds a Bachelor of Agriculture Degree in Home Science Management from the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, UNAAB. With a natural inclination for broadcasting, Wale seems to be more at home with the media arts than home sciences. Endowed with a deep voice and forceful diction, he converted his passion to a profession by enrolling at the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria Trainee School where he obtained a certificate in Basic Presentation. A creative mind with a narrative prowess that delivers distinctive prose in a communicative style, his love for brilliant elocution matches his innate gift of broadcast enunciation. In all, he is an invaluable asset with pristine commitment and multiple competences in electronic journalism.

Production Services


Production Executive: Olaoluwa Akinbobola, combines his dexterous, magic fingers with a deft, sharp, striking intellect with which he superintendents over the company’s production services. An Alumnus of Osun State College of Technology, Esa Oke, Olaoluwa studied Computer Science and acquired practical training in film editing from RCCL Multimedia Studio.  With an impressive deployment and optimum utilization of modern computer packages; ranging from Adobe premiere to photo shop and nifty animation, he creates adroit, delightful visuals and adept, imaginative graphics to give our brand a blistering mileage in the core business of events packaging and showcase of milestones on our satellite and terrestrial channels.
A tested team player with a tall dream, Olaoluwa provides the creative steam that sustains the integrity of our brand.

Finance and Administration


Finance and Admin Executive: Tolani Sogbuyi, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from University of Ado Ekiti. A creative bean counter with a strong capacity for details, Tola is uniquely distinguished by her tenacity of purpose and intensity of passion for precise statistics. She is a utility personality with appreciable knowledge of every aspect of the company’s operations. Balanced, brainy and urbane, she combines solid human relations with a strict professional enforcement of prudence, precision and probity.


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